(Dedicated Backup Server for

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ScoutPal Live backup server login URL's:

You will need to experiment with the following login URL's in order to find the one that works best on your particular model of phone.

URL's for Smartphones, iPhone, Windows Mobile phones, etc.
(most smartphones)

(for older pda-phones)

The URL's shown above can also be used with a computer browser


URL's for cell phones.
Type them into your phone's "goto URL" or "enter site" function.
With most phones, you can leave out the "http://" part, just type in the web address as shown:

(Hint: Try using /wap or /wapg with Blackberries or similar keyboard PDA's,
it will automatically shift the keyboard into numeric-entry mode.)

Login Tip:

Add ?id-password at the end of any ScoutPal Live login URL, go to the page, then bookmark it (add to favorites) and you won't have to type in your id and password each time you login.  Of course, when you type it in, replace "id" with your ID, and "password" with your password.

ScoutPal Primary Server Home Page

ScoutPal maintains separate and geographically isolated dedicated servers in order to provide redundant 24x7 wireless bookscouting access to ScoutPal subscribers worldwide.